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The Smarter  Option

The Option Box is a paper trading platform designed to help you become a master at trading. In just a few taps,
you can trade thousands of stock, ETFs and options: risk:free
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Tools to Make You a Trading Master



Over 20+ parameters used by advanced traders

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Chrono Trading

Revolutionary time-based trading mechanism



Hundreds of option strategies based on risk profiles.

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Recom Engine

Intelligent recommendation engine for stocks and index

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AutoExec Utility

Fully Automated, easy trade execution platform



World class support for your investment needs

Hassle-Free Profits

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Step 2

Use a pre-built battle tested  strategy or create your own.

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Step 1

Sign Up and get FREE virtual cash worth Rs. 11 Lakhs

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Step 3

Earn virtual cash and win REAL prizes!

100 % Free. No Hidden Charges.

We're on a mission to make trading accessible to everyone in India. Join us and start learning with zero rupees - no string attached.

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